4 signs you need to change jobs

There isn’t such a thing as a job that checks every box, but there are times when all the signs point to one thing: change.

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February 21, 2022

Unless you’ve really hit the mother lode, it’s a pretty known fact there isn’t such a thing as a job that checks every box — ✔️ perfect job with the ✔️ perfect boss at the ✔️ perfect company. The way it works is some jobs fit more with your profile than others.

However, just like in one of those unexpected NOT-happily-ever-after romantic comedies, there comes a time when the excitement of coming in to work fades. Snoozes start to multiply, you crave that second cup of coffee instead of just the one… it sucks. And that’s when the signs are starting to show: it’s time.

It’s one of the most difficult decisions to take in a professional career, to change. We tend to go into denial mode. Rest assured, you’re not alone in this; we humans are creatures of habit and because of it we have a hard time realising there are times when we need to embrace change.

So is it really time for you to go?

If the Ace of Base hit song is echoing in your head and you’re seeing these 4 signs, it’s probably time to call it quits:

1. You feel unchallenged

You can say it, too; you feel bored. It’s normal to become less excited about your job as time goes by, but if you can’t seem to shake off the monotony, you’ve probably outgrown the position and may want to consider looking for a new and exciting challenge.

You’ll feel this even more if you have a hungry mind and a thirst for knowledge and learning new things. If nothing is stimulating your brain anymore and everything you do results in a resounding “meh” coming out of your mouth, have your CV at the ready — the more experience you’re able to add makes it even more valuable.

2. You feel undervalued

You haven’t been promoted. You haven’t gotten a raise in who knows how long. Worst of all, no one gives you proper feedback, which is more than a good reason to feel unappreciated.

If no one is recognising your hard work or taking the time to hear your own ideas, it’s not worth it. Look elsewhere for a company that listens to you and celebrates your wins with pride!

3. You don’t see eye to eye with your company

You don’t really fit with the company culture anymore or you feel there are too many differences between what the company does and how you think it should actually operate, be it in the actual company business goals or social company conduct.

Yes, being unaligned with both the employer and the company’s vision means it’s probably not a good fit for you. Pretty soon you’re going to start feeling uncomfortable with what it is you’re working on because you firmly don’t agree with its vision.

4. Every night is “Sunday night blues”

You know, that feeling you get every Sunday around 6pm, dreading the week ahead? If you feel that every single day and if Fridays are the best day of the week to you, then don’t doubt that it’s time to go.

Most of us spend practically all of our waking hours at work, so you owe it to yourself to regularly assess your job situation — if you settle for what you have, it can ultimately hurt your career. Feeling the Sunday night blues every day? Not good.

If you’ve recognised any one of these signs as something you’ve been recently feeling, buckle up and start opening your eyes to new opportunities — there are plenty of fish in the sea, after all.

Ask yourself a few questions to help you when looking for a new job to set the right priorities and expectations — what really matters to you: a higher salary, a more challenging job, a better work-life balance? Use our Talent Professional Happiness Index to receive your own customised happiness report.

And are you being realistic about your expectations? If you’ve been at your current job for a long time, maybe your expectations aren’t aligned with the market’s reality. Do some research and talk to your industry peers to have a clear idea of what can come next.

If you find yourself browsing Landing.jobs’ job offers “just because”, it could be your gut telling you it’s time to go and start the next big thing. We can help you there.


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  1. Nize Costa

    Yes. Like so many other individuals I too have these feelings. I take on a role that highlights and inspires other women in the company. And although I feel strong and determined, I often have one or more of these feelings. This subject is very important and should be well explored.

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