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We want to share the information and unite a community based upon these challenges. This is just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish with the Tech Hiring Community.

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August 6, 2018
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Hiring in tech is becoming more and more of a challenge as the market is changing and with it, so are the candidates. The way that they look for jobs, apply, interview and even plan their careers are just some of the ever-changing concepts evolving overtime. As the market evolves, it is our job to ensure that we are keeping up or even staying ahead of these changes…and that is exactly the reason we created the Tech Hiring Conference 2018.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, this past June, before we had our Landing Festival Lisbon 2018, we held an event specifically dedicated to HR and tech hiring community. We had keynote speakers, international experts share their knowledge and personal experiences, thought-provoking panels, and face-to-face networking and strategizing. It was refreshing, honestly, to have an event like this specifically to tailored this side of the job search process. It is not often that there is a space and time created purely for this purpose and we are honored to have had the opportunity to host such an experience. It was the first event of it’s kind, here in Portugal, and most definitely not the last!

For those of you who were there, I am sure you will remember how enriching and important the information provided was. As you know, as hiring professionals it is not common to share strategy and problem-solving for hiring challenges. To have a space to gather knowledge from individuals just like yourself is invaluable. As a community in tech, we often experience similar pains and frustrations when it comes to hiring tech professionals. For example, the number of candidates, their preferences and strengths, how to compete with salaries etc… However, in an effort to break this stigma of not sharing this information, we are hoping to redefine the way tech hiring shares knowledge, experience, and problem-solving strategies by creating a Tech Hiring Community…more on this to come soon.

In an effort to keep as transparent as we can with the public content from the event and moving forward, here are the videos and summaries of some of the highlights from the event; excluding the keynote, Sief Khafagi of Facebook’s seriously intuitive presentation due to not having sharing permissions. Which is unfortunate because it was truly an unmissable talk. If you attended the event, think of this post as a refresher, if you did not, this is a sneak peak of what happened and the first step to what we are hoping to do in the future.

First, there is the Tech Scene in Portugal concept featuring our Co-founder and CEO, Jose Paiva discussing the changing tech market as well as sharing the results from a survey we conducted asking tech professionals for their sincere responses regarding topics particular to looking for jobs and their perceptions in regards to hiring evolution. Check out the results of the survey here.

Next, a presentation from the Vice President of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Duarte Cordeiro (in Portuguese) about the changes taking place for Talent Strategy for how to attract and retain tech professionals in Portugal.

An explanation of government-based INCoDe.2030, presented by the coordinator Pedro Guedes de Oliveira (in Portuguese) about the countries goals and strategies for acquiring more tech talent and pushing for Portugal (Lisbon specifically) as an up-and-coming techhub and how to adhere and prepare for these changes with hiring for tech companies.

There were also two panels strictly curated to facilitate discussion and bring up topics that are very prevalent within the tech hiring community – often experienced by many. One panel regarding the Tech Recruitment Process with input from Hung Lee, Ana Tavares, André dos Santos, Aleksey Narko, and Harold Jarche.

The other panel was based on what to do once you have hired and gotten new talent in the sense of international companies and tech teams. This discussion of Fostering International Tech Teams included insight from Pedro Oliveira, João de Sousa, Inês Azevedo, Manjuri Sinha, and Mariel Dommering.

This is only the beginning of the Tech Hiring Community that we are encouraging in Portugal. We hope to have many more events like this and even facilitate a community for more of this kind of sharing and group communication to take place. We encourage you to join us in this innovative community construction and keeping up with the evolving tech market. Stay tuned to see what we come up with and the surprises we have in store!

As a preview to the content we hope to share more of in the future with our Tech Hiring Community, here is an example of the kind of data we gathered when comparing responses from tech professionals and tech hiring managers. Specifically, referring to salaries and expectations.

When asked about salary expectations, the Tech Professionals from our survey responded:

Graphic on income increase

Increasing salary expectations for Tech Professionals.

Hiring Professionals agree, these numbers are increasing:

Graphic of the average salary increase for tech professionals

For companies, salaries ARE increasing.

According to our hiring survey results, one of the largest pains for Hiring Professionals is meeting these expections:

Graphic of the most difficult parts of recruitment process

For hiring, salary expectations are the most difficult part of recruiting.

We are aiming to provide overlapping understanding between what tech professionals are expecting, and how the tech hiring community can evolve with these market changes. We want to share the information and unite a community based upon these challenges. This is just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish with the Tech Hiring Community.

If you want to keep updated and wish to get more involved in our movement, please contact us here!

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