Update #4: How Are Samurais Related to Product? ⚡

Here’s the latest news on the Future.Works Tech Conference.

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September 8, 2021
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As you know (or should!) we’re hosting the only tech careers conference you need to join this year — the one and only Future.Works Tech Conference. We’ll be launching several updates in the coming weeks regarding new speakers, what’s new on the agenda and crazy good ticket promos that you won’t want to miss.

They’re going to be short and fiery updates, so hold on tight for the ride! 🔥

Without further ado, let’s see what we have this week.


Last week we announced André Amorim and Steve Poole. Let’s dive into 2 new speakers that promise to make the event one you won’t forget:

Fabio Pereira — Innovation Executive @ RedHat, he’s the author of the book Digital Nudge and is also a keynote and TEDx speaker. He describes himself as a futurist and a technologist focused on People behaviour with a dream to become a billionaire. 🤑 His provoking ideas have allowed him to speak at events in Australia, US, Germany, Denmark and Brazil. He believes that understanding the hidden forces that drive our decisions can drastically change our lives. Mysterious, right?

He’ll be talking at the Future.Works Tech Conference about “The Psychology of UX”: how it’s possible not only to predict but also influence decisions through interventions on the environment where decisions are made. Read more about the topic of his talk here!

Chris Lukassen — Chris defines himself as “The Product Samurai” @ CarePay. From coding real time operating systems to running 9 teams in a multi-million product development, he has a huge experience base to draw from when it comes to agile product management. In his latest book, he looks at how the ways of the Samurai can make us better Product Owners. 🗡️

In his talk, he’ll teach you how to use the 6 levers to forge your path to the black belt. He defends there’s a problem in the industry today: people strive for agility rather than effectiveness. Over the last 5 years he’s created real life case studies of product companies that reveal the 6 levers that make the difference between agility and effectiveness. He says, “in many ways it’s like jujutsu, where agility matters, but winning matters more”. Find out more about his talk here!


There will be 4 tech/career Tracks that divide content in the event: All Things Dev, Product Management, Careers and Data Science & AI. Talks and workshops will be organized according to Track themes, so you’ll be able to divide and conquer! Choose from the various talks that you want to watch and the workshops you want to participate in (or try to go to as many as you can 💪).

We’ll soon release a preview of the Agenda, so you can free your schedule and plan your days!


There’s ONE WEEK left until the Early Bird tickets expire!! So, to put it shortly: it’s now or never. In a week’s time, prices will go up. This is your last chance to get Premium Remote tickets for 5€ and Premium On-premises for 10€!

Don’t forget: if you’re a Landing.Job user, you get special prizes at any time!! Just check the banner that appears when you’re logged in on our website. 😍

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