What you missed at the best tech careers event of 2021

The best of the #FWTC21 — online and onsite.

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October 25, 2021

The Future.Works Tech Conference 2021 is over, do you know what you missed? ​​😎

The #FWTC21 in numbers

  • 2500 attendees 👩‍💻
  • 32 companies 🚀
  • 72 speakers 🦸
  • 4 tracks
  • 61 talks, workshops and roundtables 🎤
  • 8 DOOM champions defeated by John Romero 🎮
  • 600 liters of beer 🍻
  • 2500 meals served 🤤
  • 4000 coffees
  • 600 Sega Rally + Timecrisis games played 🕹️

The flexibility of the future

Group of people sitting at tables, with their masks on

The #FWTC21 took place both online and offline — a sign that the times are indeed changing and that we need to cater to everyone’s possibilities. While online is the future, it was great to see some friendly faces again, talk to people and just… interact. You could clearly see people were craving for some social f2f.

All of the sessions will be made available on our Youtube channel very soon, so stay tuned for that.

The best place to explore new opportunities

More than 30 companies were present at the #FWTC21 looking for top tech talent, such as Evolution, Truphone (our incredible boat party sponsors), Imaginary Cloud, Relex, Sky, Volkswagen DS and Critical Software.

People playing table football
People standing at a blue booth
Pac-Man game
Ping pong table

Their awesome booths were displayed on the event grounds, offering the coolest merchandise and perks like a waffle stand, ping pong table and oldschool gadgets. For remote attendees, the opportunities were there as well — they were able to book online meetings with companies and network.



Tech professionals were able to meet the faces behind some of the biggest companies out there and get the chance to discuss hiring positions. This was, once more, an open door to strengthen tech recruitment by uniting both sides — recruiters and candidates.

Content is king

But the #FWTC21 isn’t your typical job fair at all. It’s more like a convention for both tech professionals and tech lovers in general to catch up on the latest trends in the market, learn from experienced professionals from around the world and connect with the community. More than 60 sessions spanned through keynote talks, hands-on workshops and roundtable discussions filled the event calendar.

People sitting and listening to a conference
People sitting and listening to a conference
Man speaking
Conference panel discussion
Woman speaking
Man pointing
Man giving presentation at conference

Topics such as white-hat hacking, data science, the future of work, AI, blockchain, product management, career guidance and many more were dominant.

We also had one of the best lineups ever, counting on huge names such as Philip Zimmermann (creator of the PGP Protocol), Nir Chervoni (Booking), Bear Douglas (Slack), Ekaterina Sirazitdinova (NVIDIA), Dubravko Dolic (Continental Tires), Holly Williams (Akimbo Core), Pietro Basso (N26), Maxim Salnikov (Microsoft) and Chris Lukassen (CarePay).

Don’t want to miss next year’s edition? Leave your email on the FWTC website and be the first to know more.

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