Tech Careers Report 2021

Get the best Tech Market Insights for 2021 with an immersive report about the skills, salaries, and motivations of tech professionals in Portugal.

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Some insights you’ll find inside

  • Tech professionals change jobs on average between every 1,5 years to 2,3 years
  • 34% of respondents have Remote Jobs (Full or Flexible), regardless of the pandemic
  • Full-Stack, Back-End and Front-End Developers are the most popular job profiles (around 50%)
  • Women have salaries 16% lower than Men (was 23% lower last year)
  • JavaScript is king amongst tech languages, used by the majority of tech professionals – sharing the podium is also Java, and C#
  • The average gross annual salary for tech professionals in Portugal is 32.500€ (48.000€ for Contractor)
  • And many, many other insights for both tech professionals and companies.

Up for a data challenge?

Help the community, win a 1.750€ prize!

This report is a Community effort, and the data gathered is certain to hide a lot of insight gems. In this edition, we’re promoting a Data Challenge so that everyone in the Tech Community can use the raw, anonymized data to come up with great analysis and insights.
Participants will have their works voted by the community, and the top 3 will win prizes. This challenge will be hosted in Taikai, a top Portuguese Blockchain-based Hackathon platform.


Why are you doing this survey?

Every year Landing.Jobs launches the Tech Careers Report where we map the tech market in Portugal. This report has a free distribution and is intended to help all tech professionals gather the information they need to make career decisions.

What is Landing.Jobs?

Landing.Jobs is a tech careers marketplace that shifts the recruitment power back to where it should be: talented professionals. You can check the available opportunities at Landing.Jobs

I’m a company wanting to hire in Portugal. Is this report also for me?

Yes, this report will help you to understand what your future employees want as well as the current market wages in different positions. Landing.Jobs has a great offer when it comes to hiring talent and employer branding, you know everything here.

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The new updated version of this report is now called Global Tech Talent Trends and can be found here.

If you want to access 2020’s report please click here.

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