The funny side of work-from-home: 5 stories from our community

Even the most tech-savvy professionals fall into the pit of work-from-home embarrassment when the opportunity arises. And arise it does.

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July 4, 2022

Welcome to *The Home Office*: the place where being half-dressed is acceptable and your online status is a lie.

Remote jobs are not new, especially not to tech professionals. The tech market was putting work-from-home into practice even before the pandemic, so you might think that they would be better prepared for the ins and outs of remote work. Alas, even the most tech-savvy people fall into the pit of embarrassment when the opportunity arises. And arise it does. 

I asked our tech community at Landing.Jobs to share their own work-from-home funny stories and they did not disappoint (or did they?). I’ll be commenting on their stories with the unsolicited advice they never asked for.

1. The one that was an ice breaker 

Recruiter and proud pet owner here! I lost count of the many times my pets have interrupted meetings and appeared during the interviews to show their cute faces! But my top favourite moment was my cat climbing on top of the desk and standing in front of the camera – despite my efforts to remove her – between me and the computer/camera/candidate. The candidate laughed over this and introduced me to her pets as well!

Pet stories are the most common when it comes to work-from-home stories. Our furry loved ones are as sassy and nonchalant as can be, and the world has yet to see one pet owner working from home that hasn’t had to introduce them to coworkers or clients.

The dog (a pug) was snoring during a work call (without camera) and I had to specify that was the dog not me…Happened plenty of times, that at some point my coworkers recognise me as the “snoring dog guy”.

My unsolicited advice: honestly, just embrace it. Most people know the struggle of working at home with pets and are pretty chill about it. The more you worry about having your pet being in from of the webcam and act self-conscious about it, the more your coworkers will become affected by it as well. If they’re not disturbing your work nor your coworkers’, then why do anything at all?

If having them near you is coming between you and your work, then just figure out the best solution taking into account that you know your pets and space the best ( brilliant and actionable advice).

2. The one that should have been PG-13

We were sharing Spotify playlists to bond over remote working. I forgot I had all my playlists public and my boss was like “what’s this playlist for?” while laughing. Well… he had found my “🔥 let’s get it on” songs to have s*x to playlist 🥲

That one gave me second-hand embarrassment all the way here. 

My unsolicited advice: since the team was bonding over Spotify playlists, I guess there is nothing actually wrong with anyone seeing whatever you have going on there (ok maybe it’s a little awkward). However, if you don’t want people to see things, take a few seconds beforehand to double-check what you’ll be sharing. And if they end up seeing more than you planned, take it like a trooper.

3. The one that knew Jack Sparrow

As a tech recruiter, I once had a parrot coming out of nowhere and landing on the candidate’s shoulders. Pirate stuff.

What would you say if you were in this situation? I mean, it is a brilliant way to break the ice and throw in a funny little joke to lighten the mood. 

My unsolicited advice: there is none.

4. The one that… got wasted?

Since my room is small I’m always storing things in any free space I can find, so I’ve put some mini-bottles of Moscatel (you all know what that is) on top of my wardrobe but didn’t realise everyone on video calls could see them. Until the day when my boss at the time asked what those cute little bottles were for 🙂 to drink, I guess?

My unsolicited advice: I vote for a company-budgeted training for your boss to 1) either buy prescription eyeglasses or 2) taste-test Moscatel. Take your pick. 

5. The one that Never mind.

My cat suddenly jumps up on the pc in the middle of an interview and sticks its butt in the camera.

Better than if it was… your butt… I guess?

My unsolicited advice: circle back to story number 1. 

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this very fun, very emotional confessional. 

Just kidding! Honestly though, sometimes sharing stories like these with each other is what makes our work-from-home routine less lonely, and I wanted to show you that we all have them. The world is full of awkward moments like these so you’re not alone. And if you’ve never gone through something remotely funny while remote working (see what I did there?), then it’s time to take one for the team. What kind of remote worker even are you if you’ve never embarrassed yourself on camera? 

Anyway, if you’re still working in an office, please look at these remote tech jobs and join the bandwagon. I guarantee this is all worth it. Seriously.

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