11 JavaScript influencers you need to follow

They are educational, funny and clever—here are 11 of the most relevant JavaScript influencers you should follow this year.

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March 16, 2022

The internet is a pitless place with countless interesting people who are sharing their knowledge on a daily basis. You can easily get lost trying to filter who to follow, what to watch, read, like or share. If you’re getting started in JavaScript, it can be especially tough to find the best content, so we want to make ir easy for you. 

Why should you care about tech influencers? 

Great question. The thing is tech influencers are, by standard, experts in their field—in this case, JavaScript—and they have a following from an audience that belongs to that field. That means that they exert a given influence in the market, and can even make or break trends. 

It’s relevant to keep them under your radar—it’s a great way to stay up-to-date in the field and absorb as much knowledge as they’re willing to give you. 

Here’s a list of some of the top JavaScript influencers you should keep an eye out for in 2022—in no particular order. 

Disclaimer: these are definitely NOT all the JS influencers out there, and the term “best” or “top” are subjective. This is a list of the ones that caught our attention and that we consider are putting great content out there. 

Dan Abramov

Twitter | Overreacted Blog | GitHub  

As a ReactJS front-end developer, Abramov has a knack for sharing his JavaScript expertise. He’s a software engineer at Facebook and his resume is impressive—he co-created Redux, as well as the Create React App. He is a regular blog poster on Overreacted about technical topics such as what JavaScript is made of.

Sophie Alpert

Twitter | Website

Currently head of engineering at Humu, and prior to that she worked at Facebook as an engineering manager for the ReactJS team. She has more than 60,000 followers on Twitter and regularly shares JS tips there and on her website. She also comments on random (albeit essential) topics on her Twitter account, such as recent trends like Wordle, the Netflix sensation Tinder Swindler (her humour is *chef’s kiss 🤌 *) and more. 

Addy Osmani

Twitter | Website

Now, Andy is probably in every list of “best JS influencers to follow” you can find on Google. He is the true MVP. Osmani is a Google engineer working on Google Chrome and is also the author of the book “Learning JavaScript Design Patterns”. 

The content he shares is extremely educational and comes in many forms. He’s also appeared on Youtube programs like The State of the Web, where he discussed the state of JavaScript (actually, Google Chrome Developers has SO much good content on YT—check out their “Designer vs Developer” segment)

Gift Egwuenu

Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Frontend Dev, Developer Advocate at Cloudflare and content creator, Gift is literally the gift from heaven when it comes to good content (excuse the pun). She’s a regular at Twitter and Youtube, where she shares specific stuff like deployment with Cloudflare Pages, but also tips for junior developers and “developers-to-be”—like what are the most in-demand tech jobs this year, her Macbook setup, even holiday gift ideas for developers. 

You’re in for a treat if you follow Gift, she posts the best tech-career-lifestyle content you never knew you needed!

David Walsh

Twitter | Blog

Walsh has become one of the biggest names in the blogging community and is currently senior Fullstack engineer at MetaMask, having been web developer at Mozilla prior to that. 

If you’re a JavaScript enthusiast then you should be familiar with his name. His blog is home to a wide variety of tutorials and includes the well-known segment “Confessions of a Web Developer XIX”. Within JavaScript, Walsh delves into specific libraries such as React.js, Node.js, jQuery, and others.

Samantha Ming

Twitter | Instagram | Website

 Senior frontend engineer at GitLab, Ming is active on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and her own blog. She gets technical about her projects and tips, including her daily series ”CodeTidbits” where she shares new JS, HTML, CSS tidbits. If you really want to get some good knowledge from the internet, let it be from her! 

Adam Nagy

Instagram | YouTube 

Adam Nagy has a talent for creating easy-to-follow tutorials. He has taken what he’s learned from the web to now share with the rest of the world his knowledge about the web, JavaScript, and programming. In his Youtube channel you’ll find segments about CSS, advanced JS, React, and coding interviews. 

Berta Codes


 Software engineer at Satalia, Berta is also an active content creator on several platforms. She is proudly self-taught in tech (💪) and is now sharing her knowledge with the community about frontend, including several roadmaps (frontend, React.js, Vue.js, fullstack, etc.) PS: her home office setup is a-mazing. 

Moshfegh Hamedani

Twitter | YouTube | Website 

Community-voted winner of the Noonies awards for “Top Tech YouTuber in 2021”, Hamedani is a giant name in the tech teaching world of the internet. His content is extremely educational, focusing on tutorials (mobile, frontend, backend, etc.) interview tips and beginner questions. His life mission is to help novice and professional software engineers increase their skills, make more money, and ultimately change their lives for the better.

Viki (@coding_viking)


 If you’re on Instagram, then you must follow Viki. Her funny reels are what the internet dreams are made of. She regularly roasts common dev habits, making it all the more relatable. She focuses her programming content mainly on Java, Python, JS and architecture, and she’ll also give really good podcast suggestions. 

Rafeh Qazi

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

With more than 1 million followers on Youtube, Qazi is a savvy tech content creator and community builder (the Clever Programmer community on Discord, for example). He has recently delved into the web3 and blockchain world and is feeding the internet with relevant content about it—you can see him discuss the latest trends on Twitter and Twitch for example. Despite that, he has loads of relevant and current JS content on his Youtube channel.

My videos teach viewers python development, equips them with business skills, and gives motivational advice.

I was sitting in my computer science class and I realised that 2 videos of mine had been watched for 900,000 minutes. 

That means me spending 4 hours to make 2 videos was making a 625 days worth of difference in the world… WOAH. This BLEW my mind and my journey began.

Hope you recognised some of the names on this list and were introduced to other new ones! Let me know in the comments below other JavaScript influencers you follow. 🙌

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