Empowering Contractors for a fairer tomorrow

Our innovative solution prioritises equitable compensation for contractors while maintaining affordability for clients.

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April 11, 2024

Empowering Contractors for a fairer tomorrow

Christine Lagarde leads the European Central Bank since 2019. She highlights the urgent need for companies to reevaluate their profit margins. This supports wage increases. Thereby, emphasising the critical issue of fair pay for contractors with renewed vigor. This call to action inspires a challenge we tackled at Landing.Jobs. It marks a major step towards change. We advocate for fair compensation in the tech industry.

The challenge: Fair pay in a profit-driven world

Let’s picture this scenario our story begins with Bananagrams Co. [fictional company’s name]. A notable name in the tech industry, they were approached by a John Pixel [fictional name], a contractor, seeking a well-deserved wage increase to €1000/day [fictitious data to illustrate]. However, balking at the idea, the supplier marked up Pixel’s services by over 40% to charge Bananagrams Co. €1400/day. Facing this profit margin issue, Bananagrams Co. sought our help. They wanted a solution that benefits everyone.

This scenario at Bananagrams Co. highlights the broader industry challenge of securing fair pay for contractors, a goal that is often complicated by the traditional practices of profit margins and markups.

Our solution: your win-win strategy

Our approach to this challenge was straightforward yet revolutionary: Why not leverage our extensive network of contractors to offer the expertise they require at a fair price, while ensuring the contractor receives their due?

By advocating for suppliers with lower margins, we propose a model where contractors can earn more without inflating costs for the client. This approach not only tackles the immediate issue but also establishes a precedent for more equitable business practices, encouraging the industry to shift towards fairness in contractor wages. 

Our commitment 

The journey to fair pay and equitable business practices is long and fraught with challenges. Yet, the dialogue sparked by figures like Christine Lagarde, coupled with real-world dilemmas like the one faced by Bananagrams Co., highlights a clear path forward. At Landing.Jobs, we are committed to leading this change. 

It’s time to challenge the status quo and advocate for a future where every contractor receives their rightful compensation. Whether you’re a company seeking talent, a contractor looking for fair opportunities, or a supporter of equitable practices, your involvement is crucial. 

Let’s stand together to create a more just and sustainable tomorrow. Together, we can empower contractors, drive positive change, and build a fairer world for all.

Join us in making this vision a reality. 

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