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June 23, 2022

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., guides our customers from what’s now to what’s next by solving their digital challenges. Working alongside each customer, we apply our unmatched industrial and digital capabilities to their data and applications to benefit both business and society. More than 80% of the Fortune 100 trust Hitachi Vantara to help them develop new revenue streams, unlock competitive advantages, lower costs, enhance customer experiences, and deliver social and environmental value.

As organizations look to address challenges borne out of legacy infrastructure limitations, application sprawl, limited data access, internal skills shortages as well as availability, security and compliance issues – we’re able to deploy everything from foundational digital infrastructure and software to business-critical enterprise application services. All this activity will help us grow our business and capture market share. 

In Portugal, our organization is divided into two key areas: Product Development and Engineering + Digital Solutions.

A ‘One-Hitachi’ opportunity

There aren’t many companies in Portugal that genuinely offer global work. We offer the best of both worlds: we’re local but our work is global. Our people have the chance to develop and grow as they work on amazing, varied, impactful projects across different teams and cultures. With Japanese roots and a parent company excelling over 110 years, we offer the kind of innovation that other companies in Portugal just can’t compete with. What’s more – when you join us, you join Hitachi Vantara. There’s no outsourcing to client sites. You’ll be part of our incredible family, helping our clients achieve great things now and far into the future. 

What do we believe in?

It’s an extraordinary working environment that feels boutique and friendly, with 10,000 colleagues in 83 countries. It’s true that we’re part of a global business, but we’re a small team within that. People get to know each other, we become friends. We might be remote at the moment, but you’ll notice that many of the team have stayed for years because of the culture and nature of the work. As for the leadership team, there’s a huge amount of transparency. We’re well organized, communication is great and we make sure that the well-being of our employees always comes first. Bold and proud of our innovative, ethical heritage, we’re elevated by the Hitachi Spirit of harmony, sincerity and pioneering ambition. Flexible and collaborative, we understand that diversity of thought is critical to our success. We want you to be you, with all the ideas, lived experience and fresh perspective that brings.

Consider ‘Hitaching’ your career

Because of the global nature of our work — and the fact we’re rapidly evolving — we can offer career paths that many other businesses can’t. You’ll have a genuine chance to grow, to explore your individual goals, always supported by an encouraging team and a range of training and mentoring opportunities. 

What kind of benefits can I expect?

The Hitachi Vantara benefits scheme offers a whole range of benefits. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have a huge and diverse team so it’s important to have flexibility and choice. That way, you can choose the benefits that suit you, your individual lifestyle, preferences and circumstance. It starts with a core of attractive, market-competitive benefits, which you can build on with voluntary options.

Examples include:

A day in the life of….

My role: I’m responsible for keeping my agile team productive and contributing with value increments to our products, which means ensuring that they have a well-defined and prioritized backlog to pick work items from. Although there is currently a physical distance, I feel connected and in constant contact with everyone virtually. I connect and work with my team and every other contributor to the product we work on: other POs, architects, user interface designers, DevOps, product management, and organizational management. I have the chance to collaborate with very different roles in the organization in order to perform my work. 

My day: My morning starts with the team’s daily meeting, the first 15 minutes are reserved for small talk, just to wake up and set a good mood for the day. These informal spaces are super important when we are all working remotely, they help people feel more closely connected. We sync up on the current work and are ready to start the day aligned with each other. 

Though I have several meetings scheduled every day with people around the world, I have the autonomy to manage my remaining activities and have them conciliated with my personal needs, which is something I truly treasure. 

I am fortunate to work in a respectful work environment, professional and simultaneously informal, alongside talented and well-disposed people, making the journey enjoyable.

My day: Currently I’m working with an amazing development team on a cutting-edge project related to sustainability. In this single project, we have such a rich diversity of concepts that goes from cloud computing to microservices architectures, machine learning, multi-platform mobile development and interaction with custom-made hardware. This will allow our client to be one of the worldwide pioneers in food waste prevention. How cool can this be!? 

My role allows me to participate in different areas such as team management or code development and gives me also the opportunity to be in close contact with our clients. 

Having the chance to work on projects related to sustainability gives me an extra motivational boost by knowing that we are really doing something to make our world a better place. 

On the development side, I have the chance to work with the most recent technology, working methodologies and have space to acquire knowledge about new ones. This gives me the confidence to suggest the best solutions to our clients and, let’s be honest, cutting-edge technology is what most of the developers like to work with.

My role: I work as a Backend Engineer as part of the Lumada DataOps Suite, my main responsibilities are:

  • Design and implement software solutions that bring to life the requirements asked by Product Design and Product Management.
  • Maintain existing software working up to par by troubleshooting problems and brainstorming future improvements.
  • Upgrade our solutions to comply with company and industry standards.
  • As part of the Agile initiative, I also take part in our agile methodology meetings and take the role of Scrum Master in my development team.

At Hitachi Vantara the development teams are self-empowered, which means that we, as a team, have full control over the solutions we develop. This creative freedom is one of the key reasons why working at Hitachi Vantara is very rewarding.

My day: A day in my life usually begins by keeping up with email and slack just to make sure nothing urgent is awaiting my input followed by checking the nightly runs, just to check if we didn’t break anything the previous day.

After all the checking is done, I usually have the rest of the morning for focus work, be it standalone coding or pair programming. Because we are a fully remote team, after lunch, we gather on MS Teams to goof around a bit and do the daily sync. If after that someone needs to discuss some solution or our Product Owner has some new stories coming up, we spend some time going through those items.

Because we have many stakeholders and other teams in the U.S, we usually have some meetings until the end of the afternoon, if not we do some more coding.

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