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December 30, 2021
It’s that time of the year again. Time to recap what went down in 2021 and remember all the good things that we achieved. We still feel deeply rooted to these three cornerstones — Community, Product and Team — with a few tweaks here and there, so let’s revisit our main contributions in each one.


No doubt about it, we’re increasingly putting out more and more content for the community, whether it’s for tech talent or tech recruiters. Prepare for a long list of amazing initiatives.

Continuing to promote Portugal as a top tech hub

We made a revised edition of the Hiring in Portugal book (with the support of AICEP, Startup Portugal, Invest Lisboa, Porto, Pessoas and Royal Tax), as it keeps proving to be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and business leaders with data on our country. With a new look & feel and updated content, the Hiring in Portugal book gathers all the good reasons for companies to choose Portugal to build their tech team: Portuguese culture and lifestyle; tech market and salaries; tips on hiring tech talent; legal, tax, visa & incentives — all in one place.

Tech Hiring Community

It was a year of growth like no other for the community of tech recruiters and talent acquisition pros. THC expanded in new formats:

THC Conference — In April we made this happen: 2 days of top speakers, peer networking, and HR vendor showcase to rethink traditional workforces and embrace global talent. We had the privilege of counting with top speakers like Harold Jarche, Dalia Turner, Johnny Campbell, Peter Coulson and so many more.

THC Expert Sessions — We launched the first and second seasons of a series of expert talks and workshops with tech recruitment gurus, having the honour of doing it with Hung Lee from Recruiting Brainfood and Toni Gimeno.

Tech Careers Report — Portugal

We couldn’t not redo the biggest study on Portuguese tech careers once again. Supported by tb.lx and Pessoas, it gathers so much useful data for tech professionals and companies alike, all thanks to the help of over 4000 tech pros. It keeps shedding light on the tech careers market to this day, providing data on ​​skills, salaries, and motivations in Portugal.

Isabel Marcolino’s winning project. 🎉

And it came with a fun twist this year: together with Taikai, we challenged the community to take the raw data from the survey to come up with great analyses and insights! Offering 1750€ in prizes, the Data Challenge counted on 142 participants and the winning project was #Data4Tech (Isabel Marcolino da Silva) who extracted awesome analyses on female representativity, the correlation between salary and English level, salaries from Unicorn companies, and more.

Future.Works Tech Conference 2021

Fish eye picture from a group of people (Landing.Jobs Team)

2021 was the year to finally bring back physical events. Formerly known as Landing Festival, and after a 1-year interim, the major event for tech professionals took place once again, only this time with a new “face” — the Future.Works Tech Conference. Or #FWTC21 for friends. On 15 and 16 October, we gathered at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa for two full days of talks, workshops, networking, companies presenting new opportunities, gaming and an epic boat party!

Fish eye picture from a group of people partying (Landing.Jobs Team)
Tech Hiring Trends Report

The THTR provides a vision of HR and Technology executives in Portugal with insights from 2020 and 2021. It’s no secret that we want to make tech hiring easier, which is even more important now that companies are looking to build distributed workforces. After years of producing the talent-driven Tech Careers Report, we brought out our first market intelligence report fully focused on companies. Another tool to help companies find the right candidates and win them over.

Tech Professionals Happiness Index

In a time where the career journey is led by wellbeing and personal satisfaction, we thought it made sense to give happiness the spotlight. We debuted the TPHI: an ongoing initiative that allows tech talent to make an instant assessment of their career happiness and compare it with their peers and with previous TPHI assessments in a personalised report. No one should end 2021 without assessing their career, so do it here.

Top Dev

We also spiced things up for tech talent. Top Dev made it possible for developers to take HackerRank tests and check in which percentile they ranked😎 among the community. The top 10% in each category were able to access exclusive sessions with companies looking to hire new devs, and every single person was able to learn which skills they needed to improve and where they excelled.

Online Events

As the pandemic got comfy among us, online events kept being very much a reality this year. We did well over 30 remote job fairs with top companies wanting to hire tech talent, as well as webinars touching on trend industry topics. We covered a variety of them, such as DevOps, working as a contractor, Android, industry digitalisation, tech leadership, job hunting and so many more. We counted on more than 6k attendees and over 40 hours of learning.

Scholarships with Bootcamps

Scholarships have always had a soft spot for us. It prides us to be able to partner up with amazing bootcamps and offer aspiring tech professionals the opportunity to pursue their dreams. We awarded 30 global scholarships with Ironhack and several more with 4Geeks. Let’s aim for even more next year!


People siting with their masks on at an event

This was a big year for us in terms of product development. Presenting Payments, an extension of our mission, in the #FWTC21 was a huge milestone. It comes as a natural way of helping tech talent get paid anywhere in the world, wherever they’re working for, as well as helping companies pay tech talent compliantly and without hassles. We expect to further develop this solution in the upcoming year to provide both tech talent and companies the most adapted tool for their needs.


Tech Recruitment Academy

We relaunched the Tech Recruitment Academy to offer candidates the opportunity to kickstart their international journey as tech recruiters at the heart of Landing.Jobs! Fully remote and post-laboral, the new TRA offered 7 weeks of training + 4 full weeks of putting all the knowledge to practice at Landing.

A year of great growth

As we said goodbye to a few of our familiar faces, we also welcomed several new landers this year. In fact, we have a bunch of open job positions at the moment, so if you think you have what it takes to be a great Lander, check them out here and apply!!

Picture taken from a glass point of view. People having a meeting
The return of on-site company meetings

As much as we got cosy in our homes, we missed seeing each other’s faces in person. Occasionally popping in the office to work was also a possibility we took advantage of, while still making sure we followed the safety guidelines and the space’s maximum capacity. Holding in-person meetings allowed us to meet new landers in a way that virtual Zoom calls could never. It was awesome to chat and enjoy some beers with everyone.

Our Christmas party was honestly the highlight of the year, where we had a large chunk of the company there to celebrate and do a fun Secret Santa gift exchange. There is nothing like a good old onsite celebration to lift our spirits.

Meeting at Landing.Jobs

All-Hands meeting!

This is a time of growth and expansion. We can say we lived, survived and thrived (mostly) to 2021. It’s time to recharge our batteries in the next few days, welcome the New Year with open arms and open minds, and come back powered and motivated to do even better! There is so much in store for what’s to come, and we can’t wait to keep making a difference in the tech industry while shaping the future of work and recruitment.

See you in 2022!

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