From Nigeria to the world: how Samson Samuel got a tech job through Landing.Jobs

This success story from a world tech pro will inspire you. Here’s how Landing.Jobs can help you get a tech job and land your dream career.

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August 19, 2022

While the recruiting world can be a real beast (especially when concerning the tech job market where there’s a ferocious competitivity) and knock the daylight out of you sometimes, in the midst of so many “no’s” there’s always hope for that – so wished – YES! And trust us on that, you can get the big fat yes for your dream job. How? Easy as pie! We can help you with that. Here at Landing.Jobs we have plenty of success stories that might inspire you to get ahead. 

Need some inspiration then? Don’t look any further. Here’s one. Samson Samuel, from Nigeria, is a software engineer who is sharing his story of how he shifted careers and landed a tech job through Landing.Jobs. Are you ready to be inspired, so that the next success case might be you? 

The road to a tech job through Landing.Jobs 

Let’s start from the beginning. Samuel Samson, like many other tech pros, had been working in a different (but related) area and decided to change the gear and try to land a career in a slightly different side of the tech world. 

As he told us, although he had a background in computer and hardware maintenance and network administration, which he enjoyed, the sight of so many opportunities for software engineering made him dive deeper into the field and look for a software engineering position full-time. 

A self-learner by heart, he took notice of “the power of communities”, as he stated, so he decided to join quite a few, and he admits that his “major breakthrough” was when he joined some professionals platforms related to this field, which exposed him to “another level of world-class engineering, best practices and all of that”. It was only a matter of time until he started “working with several distributed teams across the globe”. 

From that, in the nick of time, he crossed paths with Landing.Jobs, an experience he describes as quite different from other job search platforms he had used before. “I’ve completed a coding challenge on several platforms and I’ve been waiting to be reached out”, while with Landing.Jobs he says it “was very smooth”. “After signing up and completing my profile I was reached out and I saw emails from several firms wanting to get me involved”, he adds. Summarily, after choosing the role he believed he was fitted for, he went through the interview process and ended up landing the tech job he wanted

One of the most valued aspects of the process he highlights is the fact that Landing.Jobs “was able to provide feedback”, to let him follow up on how the recruiting process was progressing and how he was doing on the interviews

A tech job ahead: a world with no barriers 

Samuel Samson is currently on the move for the tech job he landed through Landing.Jobs. According to this techie himself, he was “looking for a new challenge”, which ultimately led him to search for new jobs and after “scrolling on Facebook”, he came across the Landing.Jobs page where he found his new role leading a software team. “We’re involved in building a platform like LinkedIn for investors and founders”, he describes. 

The tech recruiting world can be quite aggressive (to say the least), and to land a tech job, every single detail can make the difference. However, the process can be quite bumpy. For Samuel, for instance, even if he got a big breakthrough in the recruitment process, in the end, unfortunately, things didn’t work out. Right before he got his current role, Samuel got another opportunity with a unicorn. “Pretty exciting”, he thought. He got to the final stage, and the clues that told him he would be selected were strong, but a misfortune for the company led to a change of plans. “I got to the final stage of another unicorn (…) but, weeks later, I saw on a blog and social media that they are laying off staff and all of that. I think the company was going through a phase”, he explains. “And when I finally reached out to the recruitment team, they told me they were afraid to give me the role”, he continues saying that his hope was kind of broken. 

This rejection, although part of the process, is not what you’re looking for. You must take it as a learning step. It’s about learning what to search for and identifying and evaluating the right fit for you (whether the role or the company). 

Take Samuel as an example—being rejected led him to another opportunity that ultimately suited his ambitions. Currently, he’s relocating to another country for his new job, something he describes as “intriguing”, but he believes this is “going to be an exciting experience”. For the “past few weeks, I’ve looked and tried to compare the lifestyle, the shifts, what surprises I can get and all of that. So, intriguing as it is, I’m still calm”, he says. 

Samuel is facing this opportunity as a chance to be exposed to the world. “Traveling is another form of education, (…) my mind has opened to other perspectives from the little trips I’ve done mostly around my country. I would like to also try it around the world. I mean, just to experience the world. You can see the world through media, through televisions, the internet and stuff, but I am sure it’s definitely a different experience when you are there. So, I look forward to the social experience”, he adds.  

This is the best part of looking for a tech job nowadays. No strings attached, no limits, no barriers. Anyone, located anywhere, can land a tech job anywhere in the globe. 

Inspired already? But here’s some piece of advice 

As Samuel puts it, “it all goes down to knowing what you want. Rejection emails are going to come in”, so be ready for them, but be fully confident that you’ll end up getting the chance you are looking for. We got you on this. We’ll be here with you all the way. 

Instead of getting dismayed by the “no’s” you’ll get along the road, learn from them. “Get feedback. Anytime you get a rejection email, try to know what is the feedback (…), what areas can you improve”, Samuel suggests. “If nothing is mentioned in the email, try to reach out to the recruiters, try to get feedback, ask questions. I guarantee you I’ve learned more of what to practice”, he says. “Tech is wide and the learning can be everywhere (…) I’m able to identify that from the interview feedback (…). Get feedback as much as possible from your peers, learn when you interact with your recruiters with your peers”, he adds. 

Samuel also believes that “when recruiters give you feedback, it’s mostly about if you’re a fit for the role or if the role is a fit for you. You don’t want to get on a role that is not fit for you”. 

Your tech job awaits you 

What are you waiting for? We got the means; you got the skills and the will. 

Join forces with us, and you’ll land your dream tech job in no time. Our process is simple and easy. Just go to our website, register and start job searching and applying on Landing.Jobs!

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