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September 30, 2021

In the great, magical world of companies that are ideal homes for tech professionals stands Körber Business Area Digital. Their main drive is to make manufacturing more efficient and productive. Having started in Germany, making Berlin their key location, they have since surrendered to Porto as well and have built a team of 120 people. This is an open door to their work, culture and mission, and an invitation for techies looking for a new job.

Who is Körber Business Area Digital?

As they like to put it, they “leverage the Körber manufacturing knowledge to build innovative products that aim to boost manufacturing efficiency”. With this aim, they create and build software products to boost the digitization of industrial production areas, either by partnering with other Business Areas of the Körber Groupor with external partners.

Their purpose in creating user-centric SaaS products is aimed to go beyond simple industrial production, but to digitize and build deep tech companies. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, they are revolutionizing the Manufacturing industry.

“The developed products aim to increase manufacturing efficiency, to improve data collection or data reporting in the shop floor. With these methods they bring suggestions or reports that lower manufacturing costs or improve existing processes.”

Porto Software Hub

Their Digital Enablement Team in Porto focuses on strategic digital projects, in developing innovative new products and improving existing ones. The work of this software hub impacts the entire Körber Group.

The team has cutting-edge IT and software expertise in their Porto hub, such as Software Architects, Applications Operations, UX/UI Design, Quality Assurance or Cyber Security. They view Agile as much more than a simple methodology, but as “the backbone of our day-to-day work”.

They intend to keep on growing and expanding their team in the next few years and currently have several tech job positions open (check them out here). They’re looking for Engineers in QA, Java Back-end, Front-end and more.

Internal champions and clear career progression

A tech career at Körber Business Area Digital is bound to flourish and grow. Individual growth is valued inside the company, with generous training budgets to show for it, and career goals are valued and incorporated into the long-term plan of employees’ paths. This is the culture that the company is continuously shaping.

Work culture at the company is very informal, with a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration. Employees point out transparency, the ability of giving feedback and then seeing actions to improve as the things they value the most in their workplace.

As for career progression, Körber Business Area Digital is all for internal promotions. There are regular 1-on-1’s between leaders and their teams, yearly plans with quarterly goals aligned with personal career goals and training. There is a clear setup that makes promotions palpable.

Your first week at Korber Business Area Digital as a Dev

As a freshly-arrived Developer, you can expect your first week to be all about onboarding sessions on different topics (agile, product, technology, cloud) and, depending on your seniority level, you may also do a first challenge to learn their process or technologies without being in the team day-to-day.

If you have clear career goals in your head and want to be successful in the company, you should have strong collaboration skills, expose your ideas but also have the ability to listen to others, not being afraid to learn things you haven’t mastered yet. These are the key ingredients to fit like a glove at Körber Business Area Digital.

If you’re looking for a new tech job and you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next star-member of Körber Business Area Digital, check their open positions here and apply!

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