What is the Mistral AI? Everything you need to know about the new AI innovation

Is Mistral AI going to replace OpenAI? Diving into its potencial, shortcomings and which models are in development.

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March 6, 2024

Starting with the basics: what is Mistral AI? 

Mistral AI is a Paris-based AI start-up that has emerged with the promise of offering a better alternative to Open AI and Anthropic. The company is launching a new flagship large language model called Mistral Large. When it comes to his capabilities, it reaches top-tier reasoning potential, it can be used for complex multilingual reasoning tasks, including text understanding, transformation and code generation. Join us as we uncover Mistral AI — new Mistral Large model.

In addiction, Mistral Large achieves strong results on commonly used benchmarks, making it the world’s second-ranked model generally available through an API (next to GPT-4).

Mistral AI commits to bring new capabilities and strengths:

  • It is natively fluent in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, with a nuanced understanding of grammar and cultural context.
  • Its 32K tokens context window allows precise information recall from large documents.
  • Its precise instruction-following enables developers to design their moderation policies – used it to step the system-level moderation of le Chat.
  • It is natively capable of function calling. This, along with constrained output mode, implemented on la Plateforme, enables application development and tech stack modernisation at scale.

Mistral Large capacities 

When comparing Mistral Large’s performance to the top-leading LLM models, Mistral AI is committed to:

  • Reasoning and knowledge: Mistral Large shows powerful reasoning capabilities. In the following figure, they report the performance of the pre-trained models on standard benchmarks.

    Examples of Mistral AI usage


  • Multi-lingual capacities: Mistral Large has native multi-lingual capacities. It strongly outperforms LLaMA 2 70B on HellaSwag, Arc Challenge and MMLU benchmarks in French, German, Spanish and Italian.
languages of the Mistral AI model

Comparison of Mistral Large, Mixtral 8x7B and LLaMA 2 70B on HellaSwag, Arc Challenge and MMLU in French, German, Spanish and Italian.


  • Maths & Coding: Mistral Large shows top performance in coding and math tasks. In the table below, they report the performance across a suite of popular benchmarks to evaluate the coding and math performance for some of the top-leading LLM models.
image Mistral AI

Performance on popular coding and math benchmarks of the leading LLM models on the market.

If you’re still not familiar with Mistral AI, the company is better known for it’s capitalisation table, as it raised an obscene amount of money in very little time to develop foundational AI models. Mistral AI was officially incorporated in May 2023 and just in a few weeks after that raised a $113 million seed round.

An alternative to ChatGPT 

Mistral AI is also launched a chat assistant called Le Chat. Anyone can sign up and try it out on chat.mistral.ai. Access to the services is free (for now) and users can choose between three different models — Mistral Small, Mistral Large and a prototype model that has been designed to be brief and concise called Mistral Next.

Partnering with Microsoft to provide models on Azure 

The AI industry is undergoing a significant transformation with growing interest in more efficient and cost-effective models, emblematic of a broader trend in technological advancement. In the vanguard is Mistral AI, an innovator and trailblazer. Their commitment to fostering the open-source community and achieving exceptional performance aligns harmoniously with Microsoft’s commitment to develop trustworthy, scalable, and responsible AI solutions.Microsoft.

Mistral AI also announced a partnership with Microsoft. In addition, to Mistral’s own API platform, Microsoft is going to provide Mistral models to its Azure costumers. This also means that Mistral AI and Microsoft are now holding hands for collaboration opportunities and potentially more. The first benefit of that partnership is that Mistral AI will likely attract more costumers.

As for Microsoft, the company is the main investor of OpenAI’s, but it looks is also welcoming other AI models on its cloud computing platform. For instance, Microsoft and Meta partner to offer Llama large language models on Azure. This partnership strategy is a nice way to keep its Azure customers in its product ecosystem.

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