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As we say goodbye to 2023, it's essential to consider the possibilities and opportunities that 2024 may present to us.

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January 5, 2024

The Best of 2023: Studies, events and articles tailored for hiring excellence

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the dynamic landscape of IT Recruitment and IT Staffing. Landing.Jobs has been at the forefront, bringing you valuable insights, expert opinions, and resources to navigate the world of tech talent acquisition. Let’s dive into the key events, webinars and articles that shaped the speech throughout the year.

> Top articles 📄

From optimizing talent acquisition with EOR providers to navigating AI in talent acquisition, turning massive layoffs into opportunities, the impact of company culture, and the lure of Portugal for global companies, uncover the keys to managing international IT teams and discover why Portugal is a top choice.

10.  5 Benefits of Using an EOR Provider in Portugal
Choosing to use an Employer of record (EOR) to hire IT talent in Portugal can be a smart decision for several reasons.

9.  RPO: The Key to Avoiding Wild Swings in Tech Recruitment Teams
How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can help you navigate the challenges in tech recruitment and prepare for industry forecasts without increasing internal headcount.

8.  Hire Tech Talent: How Mass Layoffs Can Turn Out to Be an Opportunity
While mass layoffs are making headlines, some constraints remain when hiring and retaining talent. Here’s what you must know.

7.  The Risks and Advantages of AI in Talent Acquisition
Diving into the future of AI in talent acquisition, learn how AI enhances efficiency, accelerates candidate sourcing, and addresses biases.

6.  The Future of Onboarding & How Digital Is Transforming the Hiring Process
AI has the potential to speed up recruitment and onboarding tasks that would normally be handled manually, among an array of other benefits.

5.  Company Culture in Tech Hiring: Why Does It Matter So Much?
Company culture is now a key differentiator in the current competitive tech recruitment industry. Find out why!

4.  How Employer Branding Helps Companies Attract Top Talent
How employer branding can give you a strategic advantage in talent acquisition and employee retention, and practical strategies to implement.

3.  Transform Your Business with Network IT Teams
Exploring the complexities of managing international IT teams and the solution of near-remote teams with Landing.Jobs and Tonnie.

2.  Heads Up: The 10 Reasons Why Portugal is So Attractive for Companies
Portugal has been on the radar as an excellent destination for digital nomads and companies from all over the world. Here’s why!

1.  IT Recruiting: The Key to Finding Software Developers in Portugal
If you are dealing with the complexity of IT recruiting, this is for you. Here’s how you can find the top software developers in Portugal.

> Top webinars 🎥

From tax-efficient strategies and talent acquisition to navigating the nuances of IT Staffing in a remote world, explore practical insights and success stories with our top 3 webinars!

3.  How to Succeed in Portugal’s Competitive Business Ecosystem While Staying Tax Efficient
In this webinar, we explore several government benefits and key strategies for succeeding in Portugal’s competitive business ecosystem. Our host André Pimentel, will lead a conversation with Portugal Tech Hub Co-Founder Pedro Moura, Stephanie de Freitas from Startup Portugal and Tiago Vieira da Silva from Royal Tax. You’ll learn about the latest trends and technologies, as well as best practices for building a strong network, hiring local talent, and taking advantage of government incentives.
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2.  Optimizing Talent Acquisition: Strategies for Successful Recruitment and Compensation in Portugal 
We explored real-life case studies and success stories, highlighting how organisations have optimised their talent acquisition strategies in Portugal. Participants learned from practical examples and gained actionable insights to implement within their own recruitment and compensation processes.
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1.  Local vs. Global IT Staffing in a Remote World 
Why do Companies prefer local IT Staffing Companies if the work is mostly done remotely? In this webinar, we delve deep into the world of IT staffing, scrutinizing the paradoxical preference of businesses for local IT staffing agencies in a globally remote work environment.
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> Top eBooks 📥

From navigating hiring freezes to establishing teams in Portugal, gain actionable insights and participate in our ongoing Tech Hiring Trends Survey and Global Tech Talent Trends for exclusive access to the final report. Stay ahead in tech hiring with these essential resources.

5.  Tech Hiring Market Overview

This was one of the most readable papers last year. However, at this moment, the content has lost its appeal unless you read the updated version. Thought-provoking insights on the trends that shaped 2023 in tech hiring, including layoffs, changes in recruitment teams, and hiring freezes, along with predictions for 2024 in areas like salaries, employer branding, staffing, remote work, and independent contractors.
📥 Updated paper here.

4.  How to recover from a Hiring Freeze

Navigate hiring freezes during economic shifts, ensuring growth and fostering a positive company culture. Confront unexpected changes and understanding how to overcome challenges are crucial for maintaining operations and team dynamics.
📥 Ebook here.

3.  Portugal Tech Hub – Hiring in Portugal

Unlock insights on Portuguese culture, tech talent market data, and essential tips for hiring. Learn how to establish your IT team in Portugal with comprehensive legal, tax, visa, and incentive details in one place. Explore why Portugal is the prime destination to expand your IT capacity.
📥 Ebook here.

2.  Tech Hiring Trends

This is a historical report from Every year, we release an updated version of the Tech Hiring Trends Report. Here, you can gain more insight into the perspectives of HR and technology executives in Portugal.
It’s that time of the year when we are open for participation. The result will be a report that can serve as a valuable resource for decision-makers, providing insights into emerging trends and approaches within the tech industry. This year, we are broadening our focus beyond IT recruitment to include IT staffing as well.
✍️ Give your contribute here >>

1.  Global Tech Talent Trends

A worldwide study, made by the tech community for the tech community for 7 years now, to give everyone all the data they need to steer their career. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps tech professionals make more informed career decisions and companies see where they stand (salaries, motivations, tech stacks, remote work, relocation, and more included to).

This year, proudly supported by SIXT, we are currently conducting a survey for IT professionals. If you are an IT professional or know someone in the field, please take this anonymous 5-minute survey.
✍️ Share your opinion here >>

On the other hand, if you would like to review Global Tech Talent Trends 2023, follow the ebook here.

> Top offline events

🏢 [Executive breakfast in Berlin] Why and how Portugal is the solution for your IT talent needs

📍 Location: Berlin, Germany

At this exclusive executive breakfast, attendees had the unique opportunity to share perspectives on IT Talent Scarcity, gain insights into the concept of Network Teams in IT Recruitment, understand Portugal’s IT talent market dynamics, learn strategies for accessing untapped talent pools, and hear the success story of Clear Strategy’s use of Network Teams for IT Talent expansion and business growth. 📥 Know more about Network Teams here.

🏢 [Tech Hiring Community Conference] Lisbon 2023

📍 Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The Tech Hiring Community is a dedicated group that shares knowledge on tech hiring trends and techniques. It’s a one-day conference filled with in-person networking and knowledge sharing, focusing on debating recruitment trends.
On our last editions, we had the pleasure to count on some of the best well-known companies in the market to debate and share insights and strategies, like Adidas, Airbus, Siemens, Natixis, Internet Time Alliance, Feedzai,  Spotify, Blinkist, Recruiting Brainfood, Whereby, among others!

This year the conference takes place on May 22nd 2024.
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🏢 [Beyond borders] Harnessing Global IT Talent for Portuguese Firms

📍 Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The topic of discussion was the scarcity of IT talent in Portugal and how it affects companies. During the event held in our headquarters during Websummit week, experts from Deel and Landing.Jobs, along with the case study of Pleez, shared their insights on tackling the challenges of global hiring, retaining the best talent, and finding effective solutions.
To review the outcomes 📖 Read more here

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations in 2024! 💡

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