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October 11, 2021
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Critical Software was founded in 1998 by three engineers from Universidade de Coimbra — one of the most renowned Portuguese universities — through an incubator. They quickly grew the company internationally. Fast forward to today, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the company counts on more than 950 employees and 10 offices around the globe.

They’ve been helping companies develop systems and critical solutions for their businesses, and predict to reach 1000 team members by the end of 2021.

Last year, Critical Software reached a business volume of €64,3M, which represents for the company a growth of 11% compared to the previous year. Their exports volume was around 80% that year and their main markets were the UK and Germany, where the company also holds offices.

Currently, Critical Software operates in about 11 different industries, with special emphasis in Transportation, Energy, Aerospace, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Defense and National Security.

Critical TechWorks

They have a successful venture with BMW which resulted in Critical TechWorks, created to develop software for autonomous vehicles, as well as the development of personalised intelligent assistants (like the Intelligent Personal Assistant that’s present in most BMW vehicles), to name a few.

One of their most recent projects is GAIA-X, a European Commission project that has the goal to democratize data sharing in the automotive industry and others in the European space.

In strong expansion — & looking for tech talent

In frank expansion, Critical Software is growing their team rapidly.

We’re in an intense recruitment phase taking into consideration the kickoff of a few big projects, something especially challenging given that the pandemic also came to aggravate the scarcity of tech talent. — Mónica Sobreira for Jornal de Negócios

Before the pandemic, they had already adopted a flexible work model, so now that they’re getting ready to return to the office, they intend to keep that same flexibility and let employees choose.

According to Márcia Guerra, Senior Software Engineer, she couldn’t have picked a better company to do her internship. She’s developing software for a satellite, something truly unique and exciting, and she highlights the advantage of being able to integrate real projects, of contributing to something bigger.

Here there’s the opportunity for you to manage your team in a very human way (you can work from home, for example); there’s freedom to search for areas in which you feel more comfortable (you can change career, try new things or go from one project to another, if you think that’s where you feel good); and there’s a genuine interest in promoting healthy lifestyles and proximity with each person’s family life. — Benjamin Cardoso, Senior Engineer

If you want to join Critical Software’s team, check out their job positions here.

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