How to compete in a Candidate-driven Market — Part Four

Part Four: The eagle has landed

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February 19, 2016

This is part four of “How to compete in a Candidate-driven Market”. Click to read part one, two, and three.
We’ve covered how to attract and how to evaluate candidates. You’ve found what you think might be the one, and you only need to seal the deal. But how to engage with them beforehand?

Engaging — One of your own

It’s important to engage your potential employees and start nurturing them from the get go. Invite them to stay at least one day in the office, and make the interview special and painless. Having interviewing capabilities is ideal to make candidates feel at ease and able to show their personality.

This, in turn, helps you identify topics of interest for the candidate, validate if there’s a cultural fit and if they really want to work for your company. Even if they end up not being The Chosen One, it’s important to create a great candidate experience because, who knows, someone in their network might show up at your door someday, and it sure helps if they come in with a great employer branding in mind. See how it all fits?

Have they blown your socks off? Shake hands and close the deal. It’s time to hire the best. a Captain in a Candidate-driven Market is aware of the current Candidate-driven Market in the tech world; that’s why we’re a marketplace for tech jobs with a candidate-driven approach.

We believe we offer solutions that please both candidates and companies:

  • We promote your company brand and job offers, which in turn gives us the opportunity to let candidates know more about them;
  • We work with referrals, which let candidates know more about a job offer through a friend;
  • We create code challenges in later stages of recruitment that can always be reused by the candidates;
  • We use experts to evaluate candidates, which a good candidate always appreciates;
  • We matchmake the candidates with companies and candidates with job offers;
  • We offer activity-tracking reports for both parties;
  • We offer a success fee model for companies, and referral rewards and hiring bonuses for the candidate’s side.

Give us a try!


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