How Retarus scaled its tech team with RPO services

Explore how Retarus conquers the Portuguese tech market through strategic recruitment and partnerships with Landing.Jobs, optimizing their access to over 350,000 IT professionals.

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May 9, 2024

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Munich, Retarus leads as a fax service provider in the European market. It supports businesses and enables their digital transformation.

With over 460 employees from more than 30 nations, 19 office locations, and 7 data centers across four continents, Retarus efficiently and securely facilitates information exchange. Their cloud solutions boost digital business communication, creating processes that are more flexible, agile, and transparent.

The challenge 

As a German company planning to enter the Portuguese market, Retarus faced the significant challenge of engaging Portuguese tech candidates. In response, Landing.Jobs played a crucial role. They helped Retarus recruit and manage hundreds of tech candidates, increasing visibility on local job platforms and accessing a talent pool of over 350,000 IT professionals.

How Landing.Jobs stepped in

Access to a larger candidate pool and dedicated support from a tech recruiter contributed to a smooth recruitment experience with Landing.Jobs. Additionally, enhanced communication with Portuguese candidates led to multiple successful hires. Consequently, Retarus is optimistic about their future expansion and continued collaboration with Landing.Jobs.

Benefits of Integrated IT Workforce Management

  • Increased Candidate Pool: A seamless recruitment process allowed Retarus to gather numerous candidate profiles, expanding their access to skilled IT professionals.
  • Focused Approach: The company thrived with the support of a committed local tech recruiter who understands the industry deeply, knows their specific needs, and identifies ideal candidates.
  • Local Intermediary: A partner in Portugal facilitated effective communication with local candidates, resolving any issues swiftly.
  • Personalised HR Advisory Service: A dedicated team focused on attracting talent is crucial. Through personalised outreach, recruitment is streamlined, ensuring candidates are enthusiastic about job offers.

One platform for all Tech Talent 

As Retarus ventures into the Portuguese market, sourcing local tech talent becomes a central task. They partner with Landing.Jobs, who optimize recruitment processes and leverage a network of over 350,000 IT professionals. Their integrated platform and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services guide Retarus with precision and efficiency.

By tapping into Landing.Jobs’ extensive talent pool and RPO specialists, Retarus gains a competitive edge. They ensure precise hiring, seamless communication, and enhanced visibility in the Portuguese tech community. As a result, Retarus sees the tangible impact of these strategies, boosting their confidence in conquering the local market.

How Landing.Jobs can help you 

  • Recruiting EOR & AOR: Secure top tech talent for long-term or permanent roles, sourcing from our +350K pre-vetted tech professionals. Manage it on your own or let your dedicated account manager handle it.
  • Staffing: Customise hiring for short-term or temporary roles for specific projects or to cover employee absences. Manage vendors and fill opportunities through one simple platform.
  • Value Added Services: Add services depending on your particular needs, such as Visa and Relocation, Employer Branding, Remote Process Outsourcing (RPO), and ATS integration, among others.

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