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Industrial powerhouses like Volkswagen, Bosch, and Siemens center their production in the power of technology and automation, which is the reason why there’s a lot of job openings in tech-centered career fields in Germany.

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November 22, 2019

Germany has always been known for being a technological and innovation powerhouse. It’s Europe’s leading economy and home to worldwide known companies like BMW, Volkswagen, and Allianz, which makes Germany one of the most innovative and competitive countries in the world. It’s an interesting place for startups centered in innovation solutions, AI, app development and automation.

Tech career in Germany

It’s no surprise that the big companies make for a great base point, and something to look up to for startups. According to Pitchbook, German startups broke a record in 2018 and raised €3.4 billion. About 40% of the capital went to Berlin, but the second and third startup hubs in the country, Munich and Hamburg, received 18.3% and 5.9% respectively.

Industrial powerhouses like Volkswagen, Bosch, and Siemens center their production in the power of technology and automation, which is the reason why there’s a lot of job openings in tech-centered career fields in Germany.

The salaries are higher than in other European countries and the overall quality of life is also what attracts recent graduates to start their journey or professionals to boost their career in the central European country. For example, according to PayScale, the average salary of a Software Developer in Germany 53.225€.

The German Silicon Valley: Munich

The capital of Bavaria was named the most lively city in the world in July 2018. You would think that not being the capital of the country, Munich would be cheaper, but that’s not the case. Munich is slightly more expensive than Berlin. For more insights on the costs of living, we invite you to check Numbeo.

With a population of 1.5 million people, it’s a great destination for those seeking jobs in AI, app development or automation. Big national corporations like Allianz and BMW, but also international, like IBM, Google and Microsoft General Electrics, make Munich a really good home base for tech-centered startups.

At we specialise in matching candidates and job openings in Europe’s best tech companies. Munich’s startup scene is very alive and seeing that it is home to various innovative, automation and AI companies, a lot of tech startups have chosen Munich as their nest, as well.

We work with companies like Devexperts, which specialises in software development for the financial market industry, and having both job openings in Portugal and Germany as well; and TrustYou, which is a startup that helps hotels make the most out of their reviews and for them to be helpful and bring useful insights.

Innovative and creative: Hamburg

Located in the north of the country, the Elbe river connects the city to the North Sea, which makes Hamburg the most important port in Germany and one of the most relevant in Northern Europe.

Friendlier than Berlin and slightly less hectic than Munich, Hamburg is starting to get a name for itself as a city and a startup hub nest. The northern city offers a quieter atmosphere and a great international environment. We suggest to check out Numbeo to learn more insights on the cost of living, transportation, rent prices, and many other details.

It might be a shock to many, but the first office that Airbnb opened outside the US was in Hamburg, in 2011. Google was first to the race when it landed in the city in 2001. Facebook also opened an office in 2010, and now Microsoft, Twitter, Hootsuite, and Dropbox are also part of the Hamburg family.

One of the reasons why Hamburg is starting to get in the spotlight is the new digital center that is being built between Hamburg’s main railway station and the HafenCity quarter. The center will focus on smart city and mobility concepts, but also virtual reality, Blockchain technology, and 3D printing. These will play an interesting role in the future of Hamburg and most importantly as Hamburg will be the host city of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress in 2021. has the pleasure to work with quite some companies like FreeNow which has its headquarters in the city and has quite a few job openings. Another company, which is also focused on mobility, is Wunder Mobility. It’s a technology company that enables communities, individuals, and companies to launch and scale mobility services efficiently. It also has quite a few openings on our platform.

We hope this article solved some of your questions and helped guide your future in some way. If you weren’t that impressed with Munich or Hamburg or you couldn’t find a job fit for your career and future goals, we also work with companies that have job openings in Dortmund, Mannheim, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart.

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