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I know you might not know what a Talent Delivery team is, but that’s why I’m here.

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March 24, 2020

As most Tech companies, Landing.Jobs’ team has been working fully remote since last week. For most of us, it’s our first remote experience, but a huge part of our Talent Delivery team was already working remotely before.

I know you might not know what a Talent Delivery team is, but that’s why I’m here. Our Talent Delivery team is the one responsible for making sure that our Tech professionals have the best information when moving to their next challenge. Our team makes sure the tech talent finds the best opportunity and the recruitment process happens smoothly.

A great part of the candidate experience we provide is through our Talent Advocates, which compose our extended talent team. We have people from all around the globe working with us, ensuring that we are able to tackle all issues that might come up during a recruitment process — which includes sourcing, job suggestions, CVs improvements, career advice, and even post-hire process.

Our Talent Advocates are a huge part of our success — we have daily contact that enables us to share some insights and pains, as well as learnings.

Another part of the talent delivery team works directly with some of our most strategic partners as In-house Tech Recruiters marking sure they take all our expertise and knowledge to leverage our partners’ recruitment processes. These are just a great example that recruitment is remote-friendly, by doing sourcing, screening calls, support to hiring managers and use Landing.Jobs platform as a recruitment product. They don’t only have regular touchpoints with our team, but also with our account managers.

At the end, what matters the most is that these people understand Tech Talent no matter where they work from. With that in mind, Landing.Jobs is organizing the Tech Recruitment Academy as a fully remote initiative to develop people to work in Tech HR and hopefully join our team. This a two-month training program focused on tech recruitment that aims to help interested people in (re)positioning themselves in the market. The best part is that they don’t even need to leave their cities to do so.

During the Academy, they will have access to remote training about the most diverse topics: Tech recruitment, IT Sourcing, recruitment processes management, tools, and programming languages. After the four initial weeks, which are complete of classes and real-time challenges, you will spend a month doing an internship in our team to put into practice all you have learned. At the end of the Tech Recruitment Academy, if all goes well, the goal is to invite you to be part of our team as a talent advocate and/or tech recruiter.

This edition of the Tech Recruitment Academy by Landing.Jobs will be held between April 13th and June 5th, 2020. We have open applications until April 5th! This is the chance to be working from wherever you prefer with people from all over the world while doing what you like: making an impact on people’s lives.

Rita Gouveia
People Acquisition Specialist @ Landing.Jobs

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