How Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems manage and pay +50 IT professionals

How Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems pay and manage +50 IT professionals. Discover, integrate and stay ahead with our complete advantages.

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March 4, 2024

How Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems pay and manage +50 IT professionals

Outsystems is the leading product company that specialises in developing high-performing low-code platforms for application development. It was founded in Portugal and became a unicorn with headquarters in the US. To assist you in staying well-informed, we have carefully selected our partnership as case study on “How Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems pay and manage +50 IT professionals” a compilation of achieving advantages through an Integrated IT Workforce Management.

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Outsystems has received massive recognition and has been positioned as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms for seven consecutive years. Their success results from their innovation and a vast community of developers and partners worldwide, with over 2 000 Outsystems specialists.

One platform for all Tech Talent 

Optimised Recruitment & Staffing Processes 

Landing.Jobs provided Outsystems with the best pre-vetted talent from +350.00 IT global talent pool and from out IT staffing providers network. 

Employer of Record (EOR) 

We enabled Outsystems to hire global talent by handling legal and formal employment requirements for countries where they’re not incorporated.

Agency of Record (AOR) 

Our extensive network allowed to source and manage all over the world Independent Contractors, ensuring the best tech talent fit and maintain compliance with payroll regulations. 

Real and Transformative Benefits 

Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems pay and manage +50 IT professionals through real benefits such as:

  1. Increased Flexibility: Outsystems is now capable of seamlessly adapt to its global and evolving workforce needs, while simultaneously maintaining a balance between its permanent and temporary employees pool.
  2. Simplified Workforce Payments: By providing a centralised solution for recruitment, staffing, and workforce payments, we issue a single monthly invoice for all workforce costs, reducing bureaucracy, complexity, and costs.
  3. Integrated Workforce: Outsystems have now a successfully single partner for seamless staffing and management of permanent, temporary and independent workers worldwide.
  4. Reduced Time-to-Staff: Our optimised recruitment strategies have significantly reduced hiring time, ensuring the right talent for Outsystems at the right time.

Achieving advantages through an Integrated IT Workforce Management 

Outsystems has recognised the benefits of having an integrated IT workforce management system that covers recruitment, staffing, management, and payments. By adopting such a system, they can reduce effort, improve access to top tech talent, and optimise costs. How Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems pay and manage +50 IT professionals

Our worldwide support for Outsystems comes from a shared vision of operating at a global scale. The combination of this global talent mindset with an integrated workforce practice gives Outsystems unique competitive advantages, which has contributed to its continuous growth and recognition in the market. How Landing.Jobs helped Outsystems pay and manage +50 IT professionals

How Landing.Jobs can help you 

  1. Recruiting EOR & AOR: Secure top tech talent for long-term or permanent roles, sourcing from our +350K pre-vetted tech professionals. Manage it on your own or let your dedicated account manager handle it.
  2. Staffing: Customise hiring for short-term or temporary roles for specific projects or to cover employee absences. Manage vendors and fill opportunities through one simple platform.
  3. Value Added Services: Add services depending on your particular needs, such as Visa and Relocation, Employer Branding, Remote Process Outsourcing (RPO), and ATS integration, among others.

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