We asked Landers how working from home feels like — and it’s surprising!

It’s official — Landing.Jobs has been fully remote for a whole week!

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March 20, 2020

Although it seems easy on paper, we (like a lot of you certainly) faced some challenges when trying to adapt to this (forced) new routine while trying to fight COVID-19 as a society.

We know there are a lot of tips out there regarding Remote Work, but we made our own research — we gathered advice from our team’s experience in the past week to help you stay productive during work hours and figure out what to do after you finish your job.

We know it may seem obvious, and that you may have even heard it before, nonetheless, we dare you to read and see if you are ticking all the boxes.

  • Keep the food in the kitchen!

Sometimes we are not even hungry but just eating mechanically. Do not do that — have your meals as usual and take a break to pick a snack when hungry.

“If you want a sandwich or cookies, just take a break. Also, it helps avoiding stress eating” Luz Gonçalves, Acquisition Specialist

  • Hydrate always!

Everyone says water is the healthiest drink in the world so save the beer for warmer times. Also, you can always mix a bit and have a nice cup of tea.

“I’m using a glass instead of a bottle so I can stretch a bit when going for more and keep the blood flowing” Ricardo Cardoso, Content Specialist B2B

  • Find a place in your house that you can call your workspace!

Choose a place that allows you to spend a full day being productive with no distractions.

“Really helps me to stay focused separating the work space from my rest space” Marta Silva, Community Specilist

“I also arranged a stand for the laptop (I’m using a box, for example) so I can practice the standing desk and not be seated all day” Pedro Saraiva, Events Specialist

  • Sing it for the World!

A lot of us listen to music while working — it helps concentration and productivity. Now, we are finding out that Landers really enjoy singing (or doing lip-sync) when working alone so we definitely need a karaoke session when you go back to the office. Insider tip: a good pair of phones also helps.

“I find that listening to music helps me to concentrate (especially because at home I can sing along)” Mariana Trindade, Business Developer for Portugal

  • Routine can be a good thing!

Take advantage of being remote but try to create a routine that best fits you. Wake up at least half an hour before start working so your brain can “reignite”.

“Don’t work in your pajamas — change for some comfy clothes that gives you the sense that now is time to get some things done.” Joana Brito, Delivery Specialist

  • Plan your day ahead!

Make sure you have a proper schedule that includes breaks and a lunch hour-knowing when “turn off” is important to keep motivation in the long run.

“Sharp the meetings — remote meetings are harder for everyone so the preparation is even more important.” João Aires, Developers Team Lead

  • Move that body!

Open that exercise app you’ve had installed for the past year and finally stick to a home-workout routine — here are some suggestions.

“After work, I always take a walk alone and do some exercise. An active body helps keeping the mind sharp and relieve some stress.” Mariana Cruz, Content Specialist B2C

  • Cook at home!

It’s time to try all the recipes that you’ve been saving to “try later” instead of ordering, you know that.

“I really like cooking so I’m enjoying having the time to do some more sophisticated meals” Beatriz Albernaz, CRM Specialist

Trust your team and lean on them during this time. Ask for help, be kind and gentle. Keep the human touch — working remote doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time. We’ve been using Sneek to, at least, see the faces of everyone.

Finally, try to enjoy being remote. We know it’s hard and sometimes one might lose the track of time (for good or for bad) so use the power of being remote to make your life better.

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